1. padelvic.gif
    PADELVIC: Multicamera Videos and Motion Capture Data in Padel Matches
    Javadiha Mohammadreza , Carlos Andujar , Michele Calvanese , Enrique Lacasa , Jordi Moyes , Jose Luis Ponton , Antonio Susin , and Jiabo Wang
    Padel Scientific Journal, Jan 2024


  1. sparseposer.gif
    SparsePoser: Real-Time Full-Body Motion Reconstruction from Sparse Data
    In SIGGRAPH Asia 2023
    ACM Trans. Graph., Oct 2023
  2. fittedavatars.gif
    Fitted avatars: automatic skeleton adjustment for self-avatars in virtual reality
    Jose Luis Ponton , Victor Ceballos , Lesly Acosta , Alejandro Rios , Eva Monclus , and Nuria Pelechano
    Virtual Reality, Jul 2023
  3. animationfidelity.gif
    Animation Fidelity in Self-Avatars: Impact on User Performance and Sense of Agency
    Haoran Yun , Jose Luis Ponton , Carlos Andujar , and Nuria Pelechano
    In 2023 IEEE Conference Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR) , Mar 2023


  1. mmvr.gif
    Combining Motion Matching and Orientation Prediction to Animate Avatars for Consumer-Grade VR Devices
    Jose Luis Ponton , Haoran Yun , Carlos Andujar , and Nuria Pelechano
    In ACM SIGGRAPH / Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation
    Computer Graphics Forum, Sep 2022
  2. avatargo.gif
    AvatarGo: Plug and Play self-avatars for VR
    Jose Luis Ponton , Eva Monclus , and Nuria Pelechano
    In Eurographics 2022 - Short Papers , May 2022